J. J. Goodman

Partida Brokerage, Inc. has a rich and vital history deeply rooted in the Southern Arizona frontier, characterized by the traditional Customs Broker values such as hard work, honesty, integrity, and dependability.

Founded in 1917 by J. J. Goodman, a hard-working irishman who settled in Nogales, AZ, and started the first family brokerage by applying for and receiving US Customs license number #43, signed and issued personally by President Harding.

J. J. Goodman's Custom-House Broker license

J. J. Goodman, operated the J. J. Goodman Brokerage, one of three major brokerages in Nogales, AZ, with more than 20,000 entries per annum. In 1968, after fifty-one years in business, he passed away, leaving a family tradition of involvement in US-Mexico trade.

Jesus Partida

In 1963, his son in law. Jesus Partida began a long and memorable career with US Customs, becoming US Customs District Director ‘till his death in 1997. His brother, Gilbert “Kiki” Partida, established Partida Brokerage Inc. and operated successfully ‘till November, 1989.

On November 15, 1990, David Partida, the grandson of J. J. Goodman and the son of Jesus Partida, opened his own brokerage in Nogales with Marco Ahumada, Carlos Tavares & Jaime Ramirez. Today the Brokerage is owned in partnership with Jova Granos SA de CV.

David PartidaDavid has led the company for the last thirteen years, piloting the brokerage into the computer age.

So, from a humble beginning by J. J. Goodman in 1917, Partida Brokerage continues the family business tradition with a state of the art facility in Nogales, and a family tradition of providing superior service to its customers on both sides of the border. We are confident these values will insure Partida Brokerage’s place of leadership on the border, as we approach thirteen years of service.

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